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Writing Thursdays Week 1

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Welcome to my new weekly edition of writing Thursdays! Each Thursday until November I will writing weekly posts on Creative writing elements.

How do I know creative writing? I am an English and Creative Writing graduate I spent 3 years doing my BA on this and I found it super fun! I have decided to do this to share my tips, prompts I use or know of, to bring out your imagination!

Here is a overview of each week;

  • Week 1- Intro to Creative Writing (Today's post)

  • Week 2- How to write creatively- Terms and techniques

  • Week 3 - Creating Characters

  • Week 4- Story planning

  • Week 5- Drafting and editing

  • Week 6- Poetry

  • Week 7 -Halloween edition of creative writing

Lets get into week 1- An introduction to Creative writing!

What is creative writing?

The best way I can answer this is simple. Creative writing is basically writing from your imagination and going outside any boundaries that exist. There is no limit when you write creatively, anything is possible. Normal life can be tedious and mundane, many like me use books to escape the real world to slip into the limitlessness worlds of imagination. I write to let my imagination run free and use that creative spark that i know I have.

I recently found a quote by american novelist John Updike on writing > We’re past the age of heroes and hero kings. … Most of our lives are basically mundane and dull, and it’s up to the writer to find ways to make them interesting.” I like how true this quote is, without the freedom to write creatively our lives are dull. Thanks to our imagination anything goes.

This being said, now we know we can create anything we want, when writing creatively especially stories, it does need to be coherent. For those who might not be sure coherent basically means it needs to make sense and follow a structure like start-middle-end.

Types of creative writing

There are different types of creative writing, the mains ones being;

  • Stories (short stories)

  • Novels (Long stories)

  • Plays (Theatre)

  • Scripts (Theatre, radio, TV)

  • Poems

  • Free writing

Short stories- Is exactly what it says, its a story that is short with not too many characters and not a huge plot like lord of the rings or harry potter.

Novels- Longs stories that could big one big book or could be a series of books like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.

Plays- Scripted performances like in Drama or theatre or even pantomimes.

Scripts- TV scripts such as The Big Bang Theory or soaps such as Eastenders,. Radio scripts such as interviews, news or even radio plays. Theatre scripts such as plays.

Poems- A piece of writing that describes feelings, thoughts, scenes or an idea. There are many different types of poems, this will be looked at in Week 6.

Free writing- Free writing is basically writing anything you want, no set amount of time, no limits or boundaries. You can write anything that maybe on your mind, an idea you may have that could turn into a written piece, the possibilities are endless.

Prompts to get you started

Now you know, what creative writing is about lets look at some prompts to get you guys trying your hand at some writing! Today we will start off small then over the weeks we will build it up to something a bit bigger.

1) Describe the days of the week as if they were people.

2) Write about an object you find ugly.

3) Write about your favourite memory so far. Describe it in as much detail as you can.

4) Write a creative piece using the following words; Fluffy pink pillow, bubble, rain, cosy blanket.

5) Write about something bad you did and still feel guilty about.

Next week we will look at how terms and techniques in creative writing and how this will help you to write! Until these give these prompts a try out, I will be attempting 1 or 2 to put into the post next week.

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