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I am worthy of love

I am worthy of hope

Not to be torturing myself,

In the darkness , unable to cope .

I am worthy to know where I stand..

I am worthy to hold another’s hand

I am worthy to speak my mind,

Not to be hidden and made blind.

I am worthy of time if given,

I do make mistakes to which I can be forgiven.

I am worthy of being seen

I am a warrior, an evolving queen.

I shall not be hidden, nor told lies

From these dark shadows, i rise

Challenging the given claims with Why’s.

I am smart and funny, in my own way.

I am worthy of someone who will always stay.

I am worthy of the dreams I desire

My passion runs deep, a bright burning fire.

I tire of silly games

And false intentions with untrue aims.

I tire of the clock ticking, as the days pass by..

Left in limbo constantly questioning why.

I am worthy of time, will I be given some?

Or like a broken heart, will I left numb?

I am worthy to be seen,

To stand tall and proud like a queen.

Will the sun rise to my side?

Or will rain pour and wash with the tide?

Cover image by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash.

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