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Words Unspoken

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A letter to the lost...

Lost in a stormy sea of whirl wind of thoughts,

thousands of unspoken words inside my head

they crash around as I lay alone in my bed.

All I have done is tirelessly try,

now all I can do is cry.

I cannot understand why

that all you do is deny.

I should hate you for what you've done,

for all the hurt and pain that has begun

So much has been left unsaid,

lord knows what is in your head.

Not once have you fought, while I walked away,

nothing has been done to get me to stay.

Walking away would be the right thing to do

but stupidly, I hate the thought of loosing you.

If you truly cared then where is your fight?

Why won't you use that hidden might?

All I crave is love and true affection,

just show me how much you care

not leave me alone here in despair.

I should be the one causing havoc and grief

but you are the one doing that, my heart thief.

I am trying so hard to keep it together and be strong,

I keep blaming myself though I'm not in the wrong.

Frustration, fear and hurt cloud my busy mind

but despite the hurt given I will always remain kind.

Foolish are my thoughts for wanting to stay

but with no fight given then I guess its nature's way.

Here with your family is where you should be

snuggled up close, tightly holding me.

I am the one bearing the burden, the heavy weight,

but if this is the way, then maybe its the universe's fate.

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