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Winter comfort foods

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Its nearly winter! As I write this its nearly 5 pm and the sky is pitch black. The rain is drizzling down. Its evenings like this I crave comfort food to warm me up. The nights get colder and all I can think about is getting home, into my nice fluffy PJ's and get some good homemade warm food to relax me and warm me up.

Currently I am stuck home ill and have been since Wednesday. Since then all I have wanted is my top comfort foods to help me feel better. and inevitably I have given into these cravings. Its cold, dark and miserable outside, there is nothing I want more than a good plate of food and a good movie to settle me down when I'm feeling blue or under the weather.

So you are probably wondering why am I giving into these cravings and what are they??

Firstly, I believe that it is important to keep yourself happy and look after yourself this time of year. The miserable weather and dark nights can leave us feeling tired, blue and ill, So it is important to make yourself feel better! We are responsible for our own happiness!

Secondly, I am ill with a chest infection right now, it sucks! I know I have to keep up my energy levels to help myself fight it off. By giving into to what I am craving for dinner I know I will eat it and have a full belly to help my immune system recover also I will most likely sleep.

So what are my top comfort food this time of year?

Today I thought I would share with you all what my top comfort foods are.

I share this today, as I want my readers to know that giving in to these cravings not only give you a good hearty meal, but they can help boost your mental health too! My top 5 foods I can only describe in one sentence. There are stunningly amazing, in no particular order…

1) Macaroni cheese

I have to admit with this, I love making it but when my mum makes’ it, the dish tastes so much better! We cook the macaroni, make up a basic white sauce and add in the cheese. Then we mix it together, grate more cheese on top and grate bread into crumbs to give it a crunchy top.

2) Chicken Casserole

My ultimate comfort food for winter. I get so excited to come home when I know I’m having this for dinner and the best part is, there is always some left for the next day too!

3) Cook dinner (Sunday roast)

Admittedly I have to confess, at home we don’t always have chance to do a roast dinner on Sundays, so we have one during the week. My loving partner of 4 years humorously calls us ‘weirdos’ for this. My brother, his girlfriend and my nephew (only 5 months) join us too. Not only it is great food but its nice to have a family dinner and catch up, I love that time together.

4) Cottage pie

Who doesn’t love some mash and gravy? Perfect combination mixed in with some beef mince, though, I have tried Quorn mince in a cottage pie and it tastes great as well.

5) Chicken tagliatelle

This is such a tasty dish. I cook up some chicken and tagliatelle, I then make a cheese sauce, adding in some garlic puree and herbs for extra taste. I love making up this dish after a long or bad day. It is quick and easy to make. I've also recently made it with Quorn chicken pieces and it was very tasty!

So giving into those food cravings isn't always a bad thing! Help yourself to your food cravings this year and feel good for it, I know I do!

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