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What is love? 

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'I wanna know what love is

I want you to show me

I wanna feel what love is

I know you can show me' ( song by foreigner, November 1984, Atlantic label).

Many of us know the song, we've heard many other songs, phrases and quotes based around the topic of Love...but what exactly is Love?

How do you know if your in love with someone? What is love between you and your other half?

What Love is to me...

Love is not just a feeling, it's a commitment.

Its embracing their tender touch, stealing a kiss when the least expect it.

Its putting your faith and trust in someone and creating a strong bond that no one else can break or come between.

Love is supporting each other through all the hard times and not giving up when things get tough. Its knowing that a relationship takes work and there will be times where you will fight BUT you work through it together and not quitting on them ever.

Love is supporting each others decisions and future dreams. Its being there for each other on the bad days and making them feel better.

Its taking care of them in hard times or when they are sick, cheering them up when they are down even if it means acting goofy or stupid.

Love is about making your other half/partner etc, feel good about themselves, celebrating their achievements together and continuing to encourage them.

It's about spending time together, being open and honest with each other and working things out if somethings wrong between you. It's about making memories and having fun together. Its spending time together doing things they may like to do but you arent find of but you do it for then because you love them and it makes them happy.

Its accepting each other for who you are and knowing that nobody's perfect and that everyone has flaws. You laugh at their jokes or silly personality because its who they are, it may seem silly but come on...it is funny!

Love is not being able to stay mad at them no matter how hard you try, it seems impossible!

Its showing them you care through small gestures, which doesnt have to involve spending money! It could be as simple as making them there favourite meal, reminding them why you love them or even a small text to say your hope there day is going well, etc..

Its lying in bed on a cold morning or rainy night, next to each other and feeling completely content and not wanting the moment to end. It's when they take you in their arms and your stress or sadness melts away because they are that good at it!

True love is realising that beauty lies within a person and not on the outside. It's missing them when they arent there.

When you find a person that does these things and makes you feel this way, dont ever let them go... it's hard to find a special love like this ...its even harder to gain it all back after a bad break up or loss.

Accept them for who they are and remember...nobody is perfect.

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