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War on love 

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Love is a battlefield, the heart is at war, The enemy it fights is your mind. Consumed by feelings, the heart rages on As thoughts fire, with bullets of facts Feelings defend stopping them in their tracts. This constant raging war has gone on for long Feelings deny the truth crying ‘you’re wrong!’ The truth maybe stronger in numbers But feelings are larger in force They are making themselves known, Refusing to give up the fight, yearning to be shown. Crowds gather as the battle gets intense Praying that one side may see sense. This battle will rage on forever more Crying out the rages in big roars. Another day dawns the battle commences again, Love is on the firing line. The mind starts to grow impatient and weary But love remains strong, refusing to give up Time is running out, it needs a lot of luck. Love prays for a miracle, Mind laughs away, will it ever see better days?

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