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Usk Show 2018- A review

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The day may have started with a dull sky full of showers but that did not put off a reported 20,000 visitors! The yearly agricultural show takes place the second weekend of September since 1844, with Farms, horse owners, tradesman and many talented people showing off their own personal handy work. It was a great turn out despite the drizzly weather and there were plenty of four legged friends around explore the excitement.

Many children gazed upon the baby animals that were shown around the livestock area, with one pig having 13 piglets. Over in the cow/bull showing pen, many young handlers impressively showed off their cattle twice their size, without any resistance from the animals. Over to the goat pen and I met some very friendly goats who were eager for a scratch from anyone passing them by. These curious goats maybe friendly but some did try and get up to some mischief.

Heading on to the Homecrafts tent to some very remarkable crafts. As I entered the tent I gaze upon one of the biggest pumpkins I have seen that would put Cinderella’s carriage to shame.

In the sea of home baked goods my stomach rumbles at the fantastic turnout for each category, what I would give to be one of the judges… It is clear that a lot of hard work, passion and dedication went into all of these homecrafts. The tent was filled with a delightful whiff of freshly baked goods, it was enough to make any mouth water.

Here are just some of the many images of the superb sight I captured on the day...

It is fair to say that it was an extraordinary sight! It was lovely to see much talent on display and young children having the bravery to share their creative work. I met one young boy who was disappointed that he did not win anything and his mum was trying to give him encouragement but clearly was disheartened. I turned to the young lad and said that 'It was their loss. You should be proud that you had the bravery to enter, your work is great and i personally love it.'

Even though everyone could not win on that day I want to share my congratulations to everyone that did participate because I very much enjoyed all the talent and dedicated passions that everyone shared and it was remarkable to see what I did.

I could go on forever talking about some of the great sights I saw that day, but I must give some special shout outs to some particular people that I met that day who stood out to me.

Firstly I want to share with my readers the incredible talented Katie Hough. Katie and partner Tom were at the show selling some of Katie's amazing artwork. It was too much for me to resist a lovely portrait of an owl that now proudly sits on my desk. There were some fantastic artwork at Katie's stall and attracted a lot of visitors while I was there.

(Picture from Katie Hough's facebook page 8/9/18)

It was a real pleasure to find this talented quirky stall that blew me away. I will for sure be following her work in the future and hope you guys will give her a like on her page too!.

My second shout out goes to Cottage sweets who were in the food hall tent. This scrumptious stall had some of the most amazing marshmallows I have ever had. Being dairy free anyone can say it is not easy to find good food, but thanks to this stall I had my first ever taste of a chocolate mint marshmallow and I was not disappointed. I also picked up some Raspberry marshmallows that admittedly did not last long with me. These inviting treats were tasty and super soft. A definite one to check out for a tasty treat for yourself.

Lunch time soon flew around and I was spoilt for choice. With ample scents of food from coming all around it was a tough decision on where to settle for food. After a hard decision the temptation of a pork and stuffing roll was enough to satisfy my hungry stomach. For vegetarians and Vegans there was also ample choice in the outdoor food market with some great looking mouth watering food with a delightful scent that filled the air. I then finished off with a naughty but yummy bag of candy floss from a sweet truck with endless choice. While there I found a bag of spearmints that my great-grandmother used to love. I bought a bag and it from the moment I ate one it brought back a flood of memories.

That afternoon I explored the rest of the show and tried to resist the temptations of the many trades people that were there. One stall had some impressive decorative things that were made from metal and others from wood. One thing that was hard to miss was a near life size metal statue of a giraffe that would of set the lucky owner back near £2000 (i think it was).

For anyone with a four legged friend or maybe even more were treated to numerous pet stall ranging from great price beds fit for a dog king to a dog bakery. There were some very spoilt pets that day!

I could go on longer but I feel this post is longer enough! Anyone wanting to see some more images I captured on the day, be sure to check out my facebook page where I will be posting more images!

Thanks for reading!

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