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University essentials

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Starting university or returning to university can be a stressful time for any student. There is an endless list of books to read or buy for your course and you don't know where to start for stationary and other supplies!

Today's post is aimed to help you get organised and give you ideas for essentials to help you on your new adventure. Most of the essentials I will be sharing I have myself and can vouch, they are super handy. If you guys can recommend anything to help me or others out, post in the comment section :)

Stress control and workload

Lets start by looking at how we can control our stress and tackle the workload. The first few days can seem fine but soon the work begins to pile up and you have an endless mountain of work to do. We all have been there, it's gonna happen as long as you don't let it build up too much you will be fine. If your feeling too stressed out stop working, you won't achieve anything if you cannot concentrate.

  1. Read something other than course materials/research for assignments. Give your mind a break for the work.

  2. Go for a coffee with friends and de stress.

  3. Call friends or family and talk it out or just talk about anything. Let your mind rest.

  4. Make a study plan. You might have multiple pieces of work to juggle. Spend time on each one and you could find that when you go back to that first piece you have new ideas on it. Just make sure you keep your work organised!

  5. Deadlines- Know when your deadlines are. Keep a list on your wall or at your desk, in your phone and academic diary of when all deadlines are due.

  6. BACK UP WORK- This one I cannot stress enough. If you work on a computer, laptop etc, Back up all your work onto a USB/flash drive, Dropbox or just another source, don't get caught out.

  7. Prioritize- organised your life, work and classes. Which is due first? What needs most work?

  8. Break it down- If you have a big task to do for class or as an assignment break it down to step by step approaches. This way it is more manageable and you focus on one thing at a time.

  9. Class notes- Keep them in separate files for each module and separate to any self directed study or assignment work. Use file dividers and label them.

  10. Contents list- One online hack I recently discovered through Pinterest was at the start or your note book leave a couple of pages and as you write new topics or class notes, create a contents list and number the pages. It is way easier to find that way!

  11. Academic Diary- Buy one and keep it on you. This way it will be way easier to keep track of everything and if you are given any self directed study in class you can note it down somewhere you will remember it.

  12. Go to the library- If you find you get distracted at home or in your dorms go to the library to work. You won't have your own personal devices to keep you distracted that way. You will also find handy course materials that way too!


Apart from your designated reading list, here are some other books that can help with your studies...

These are my own book I have to help me with my upcoming studies. I have used them in the past on my undergrad degree.

Critical thinking skills- This book helps by looking at what is critical thinking skills are and help you to analyse your own thinking skills. This was on my course reading list, it is more words than visuals but does help to develop my critical thinking. Here is the one I have.

The Study Skills Handbook- I have had this since my first year of uni. I highly recommend this! As you can see by my sticky notes inside it I have made good use of it. It has or the core study skills like working with others, task management and help with work. I really like this book as it is always giving me new way to approach my work and working with others. Find it here!

Essential Study skills SAGE- I have only just got this book but having a quick look at it, even though it the bulk of it is writing (not much visual aids) it does seem detailed. When you turn to a new chapter it breaks it down into sections and tells you what pages it is on. It does give detailed explanations of suggestions too so it looks pretty interesting. Find it here!

Study Skills for students with Dyslexia- I have dyslexia and studying can be challenging at times. I like this book because I discovered inside that it gives you a digital copy with resources to help you. The book can help others with other learning difficulties to and is not overwhelming. Its broken up into small chunks, detailed and to the point and has great ideas/resources. Find it here.


Here is just some of the things you made need. Also check out The works! They have tons of stuff and at the moment 25% off if you spend £10 or more! This go to place if I need supplies.

  • Backpack

  • Pens

  • Pencils

  • Academic diary

  • paperclips

  • highlighters

  • post it notes

  • elastic bands

  • USB (flashdrive)

  • calender's

  • Lever arch files

  • File dividers

  • Coloured pens - I recommend these.

  • Poly pockets

  • Sticky note set> These are great for keeping important points in notes or books, I use these daily in uni. Highly praise these!

  • Sticky text highlight stripes.

  • Headphones

  • Portable charger

Study motivation supplies

  • Drinks

  • Snacks

  • Quiet space to work

  • Music

  • Reward for later

Also check out my uni pinterest board! Full of tips, study help and organisation to help me and others out! I am on Pinterest daily and I am always adding stuff to this board so check it out!

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