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Wow is it that time of year again? September is approaching and so are classes. Many find that the reality workload is daunting and can look impossible at first glance. There have been many times that I have broken down due to my workload in the past and it probably will not be the last! This upcoming academic year though I have created a plan to help. I have explored Pinterest, scrolled through pages on google to find out how I can manage class/workload.

Here are just some of the tips I have found and hopefully you guys will too;

  1.  Notepads- Use separate notepads for each class/module. No more scrolling for hours looking for last thursday morning class notes!

  2. At the front of the notepads leave a couple of pages so you can create a contents list to help you find topics easier.

  3. Colour code– Use colour codes for your modules/classes. If possible to use post it notes/sticky notes to keep notes to yourself about this class to. So for examplePink– Literature studies – Pink post it Essay draft due next week. Blue– Economics 101- Create presentation material.

  4. Make a list of all assignments and when they are due. Check out a template one HERE.  

  5. Highlighters- Colour code your highlighters, such as Yellow– important parts, Orange– questions I have, Pink- important/key words, Green– proof/evidence, Blue– quote to use.

  6. BACK IT UP-  This i cannot stress enough. Always back your work up, get a usb, use dropbox, anything to back your work up just incase. Better safe than sorry.

  7. Get organised– Keep your work organised and your life. Get an academic diary, Files for each class, file dividers to separate notes from research and assignments. Prioritise your work, do what is Due first!

  8. Take regular study breaks. Don’t study for 3 hours straight you will burn yourself out.  Set alarms for regular breaks away from the work.

  9. Break it down– If you have a large task/homework/assignment and feel stressed at the sight of it just break it down into smaller chunks. Say you had to write a 2000 word essay on…Effects of pollution on the environment for example. Go step by step 1) Research ideas how does it affect the environment? 2) Mind Map or note down ideas you have.  3) Write these ideas into your own words. 4) Draft out a structure of your essay, what idea will go where? 5)Write your introduction. 6) Write/add in your main ideas. 7) Write your conclusion. 8) Print out (if on laptop or computer) and proofread it. Scribble all over it if you need to for changes or spelling, punctuation, etc. 9) Apply the changes to your work and make any adjustments you need to. 10) Your done!  Concentrate on one step at a time, don’t worry about step 5 if your only on step 2.

  10. Keep your workspace organized and clear. Clear space=clear mind.

  11. Drink enough water/squash, whatever you like to drink. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

  12.  Get sleep- This is critical. Always make sure you get enough sleep so you can function properly the next day. You do not want to only have three hours sleep if you have a big test the next day.

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