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Ultimate list of break up songs

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Let's be honest, break ups are the worst! They are a difficult time for some, for others they are a welcomed change.

Where do you go, what do you do now?

Break ups leave you in a confusing time. Trust me I know !

Today I'm sharing with you all guys and girls of my top ultimate break up songs !

These songs help me feel so much better when I go through a break up (which as I write this I am!)

Let's get to it...

In no particular order!

1) We are never ever getting back together- Taylor swift

LIKE EVER!! This is a great song to play nice and loud!

2) So What! - P!nk

'So what I'm still a rock star' ! YES you are! you are amazing.

3) Blow me one last kiss- P!nk

'I think I maybe think too much,

I think this might be it for us'

I love to play this on repeat , it feels so empowering.

4) Part of me- Katy Perry

'Now look at me, I'm sparkling'

Even though you guys broke up, there is a part of you they will never take from you! You are amazing .

5) F*ck you- Lilly Allen

For that angry stage of a break up, this is a perfect song!

6) Gives you hell- All American Rejects

'When you see my face, hope it gives you hell'

I LOVE playing this nice and loud!

7) Ciao Adios- Anne Marie

For the I'm done stage! Dont go back to them, you're better off.

8) F*ck you- Cee lo green

9) Look what you made me do- Taylor Swift

10) Irreplaceable- Beyonce

'So go ahead and get gone!'

11) Take a bow- Rhianna

' But you put on quite a show Really had me goin'

For the liars, the cheats and the deceitful ones!

12) Shout out to my Ex- Little Mix

13) Hair - Little Mix

14) Since you been gone- Kelly Clarkson

15) Fighter- Christina Aguilera

16) F*ck it I dont want you back - Eamon

17) These boots are made for walking- Nancy Sinatra

"You keep lyin' when you oughta be truthin' You keep losing when you oughta not bet"

Ladies this a great empowering song!

18) Single- Natasha Beddingfield

19) Spotlight- Jennifer Husdon

20) Survivor- Destiny's Child

'Thought I couldn't breathe without you, I'm inhaling'

You are a survivor, you dont need them.

21) Picture to burn- Taylor swift

22) Smile - Lilly Allen

23) Sorry not sorry- Demi Lovato

24) See it in a boys eyes- Jamelia

25) Complicated- Avril Lavigne

' Why'd you have to go make things so complicated!'

Perfect if you are left feeling confused by your break up.

26) Ghost - Ella Henderson

'True love was gonna hurt True pain I don't deserve'

27) You dont own me- Grace

'Dont tell me what to do, dont tell me what to say'

You are your own independent self, own that sh*t!

28) Fight song- Rachel Platten

29) I dont care- Fall Out Boy

For when you just dont give a sh**t anymore!

30) Bad blood - Taylor Swift

'Did you think we'd be fine? Still got scars in my back from your knives'

A perfect angry break up song, for hating your ex.

There are many more Songs that will help get you through your break up but these are just some of mine.

Remeber that it may suck right now.and feel tough but you had a life before them.


I read an article about getting over your break up and this tip below helped me out and made me feel better!

Get a journal OR just some paper and a pen and write down

Why I am better without them.

Did they do anythingt that annoyed you?

Did they make you feel bad in anyway?

Write down anything you can think of and keep it near. Re read it daily!

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