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Truth of true love

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The truth of true love

How do you know if they are the one? Gut feeling? Those butterflies in the stomach? The truth is you don’t. its different for everyone, not everyone is the same. Everyone has different views, different tastes, different hobbies etc… but in your life you may find that certain someone who makes you feel that home isn’t a place… it’s a person.

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What is true love to me?

True love is being comfortable enough around someone to let your guard down, exposing any insecurities without any judgement on either side. It is being stupid together and laughing it off all the way, being able to let your inner child out and be completely silly and have fun in the process.

Its working together as a team, if you wash, they dry, if they cook you clean. Even if they refuse still offering. Its making them happy after a hard/bad day.

Its knowing them like the back of your hand, you can tell when they are upset or angry without them having to say a single word and you knowing what to do to make them smile again.

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True love is about being able to communicate with each other and respecting any differences you may have. If they do something that upsets, you be honest with them. Its surprising them with little gestures ‘just because’ (this doesn’t have to cost anything! It can be as simple as making dinner or reminding them why you fell in love with them).

It is about making mutual compromises for each other, because in order to go forward you have to be equal with each other… even if you are not a fan of what they may like to do, its respecting it and trying new things because you love them.

True love is taking care of each other if the other is sick or going through a hard time. Respecting their friends and family even if you may not get along… you try for their sake.

True love is feeling that comfortable around someone that when you are with them your stress melts away around them. Its also being unable to stay mad at them for too long or at all because you know you can’t.

True love is wanting to make them happy even if it means doing something stupid or playing a game and loosing on purpose, making them their favourite snap or doing their favourite thing together. Its knowing that neither of you are perfect, you have your flaws, but you still love each other anyway. Its knowing that a relationship takes work on both sides but your committed to making it work as a team.

True love is keeping any promises you may make to each other, even if it’s a simple one like finishing off the laundry or promising to be open and honest with them. Its seeing things from their perspectives, even if you may not agree with it. True love is feeling happy know that they are happy too.

True love is sticking through the hard times, through thick and thin, lovingly and supporting them every step of the way without judgement. Its supporting their hopes and dreams, even if they seem impossible or far fetched, you still support and defend them no matter what.

And even if you have been together for years on end, its reminding them that you love them and why they are your special someone… not all actions speak louder than words, its the thought that counts.

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