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Tomb of the dead in Egypt July 2018

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A tomb that has not been touched in over a thousand years was recently discovered in Egypt. Found while construction was being taken in Alexandria, it is believed to date back to around 323BC.

Archaeologists wanted to open it despite all those lessons from ‘The Mummy’  films which show us that it is best to leave the dead untouched. There are enough spirits in the world without bringing anymore back. Let them rest in peace!

Archaeologists proceeded to open this tomb anyway and found 3 decomposed mummies inside surrounded with a mysterious red liquid. This liquid was later determined as sewage water that leaked in through a crack, the remains are now being analyzed to determine the cause of death. Some believe that one of the corpses could be that of Alexander the Great.

Not to be biased, as much as this is an extraordinary find for Archaeologists, Leave the remains as they are. The thought of someone moving my remains after I am long gone is unsettling. I am following this story close to see what happens next…

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