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Things to do when you’re bored

We all have those days, we have the day off it’s either raining or sunny but yet ‘I’m bored’ always seems to pop up. Below is a list I have made of things to do for those ‘I’m bored moments 🙂 .

Make a to do list                                             Write a journal

Make a list of place you want to visit         Bake

Decorate your room                                      Go for a walk

Go shopping                                                    Volunteer

Have a pamper day                                      Catch up with friends and family

Go to local events                                         Read a book/ magazine

Movie marathon                                           Do some cleaning

Go swimming                                                Plan your dream holiday

Complete a puzzle                                        Do some colouring

Cook dinner for family or friends             Go bowling

See a movie                                                   Go to a museum

Take a free online course                           Create a pin board on Pinterest

Watch the sunset                                          Create a scrapbook

Map out your family tree                            Draw

Make a playlist of your favourite songs      Do a DIY project

Write a list of positive things about yourself

Learn a new skill                                           Play a board game

Write a poem                                                 Write a story

Make cupcakes                                              Help out family with chores

Have an indoor picnic                                 Create a new recipe

Play with your pet                                        Make a collage from old pictures or magazines

Make a list of things to do before you die

Play an online game                                   Make a shopping list

Make a list of books/films you haven’t seen or read yet that you want to

Unsubscribe to those annoying junk emails          Go hiking

Teach yourself the army alphabet              Try a new activity

Catch up on some sleep.

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