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The Uncertain Path 

The dark clouds form, the fog appears

My path to guidance and light disappears.

Just when things seemed to be getting clearer

The darkness returns and leaving me far from near.

Nearer to a path of hope, and a stable life

Away from this endless grief and strife.

I look around trying desperately to figure things out

My mind is plagued by anxious doubt.

There seems to be no obvious light in sight,

I'm left fearful and alone all through the night.

No matter what direction I try to take, to get a clearer sense,

I'm thrown back onto this dark uncertain path,

Being mocked by the monsters who laugh.

Is there path that will allow for discourse to make amends?

Will I ever achieve the peace I badly desire?

Or will this uncertain path worsen with invisable fire?

My thoughts spin like a tornado in my head,

I lie awake at night anxiously in my bed.

I dearly long to be settled, to be happy and free

To feel a sense of joy, peace and some glee.

But each path I take to try and escape,

Only leads me back to this dark fate.

Cover image from unsplash.

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