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The lockdown days

Ways to spend your time during the lockdown

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Here in the UK we are on our 4th week of lockdown with at least a few more weeks minimum to go, I wont be surprised if this is extended again!

To anyone reading this, YES lockdown is hard BUT know this quote...

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So many people i see feel that they are stuck at home when in fact we are all safe at home. Yes at times it is hard and can feel trapping but in the long run,it is for the best.

How I'm spending my time at home...

So since lockdown began ive only been out shopping twice. apart from that my family get me anything i need and luckily my mom works at a local supermarket.

I do take Theo out for walks too when the weather is decent!

So what have i been up to?

1) the most obvious answer first is taking care of my son! Theo bear is now nearly 6 months old and he is such a character with his own cheeky personality now, I love him so much. there are times when things get tough, but one cheeky giggle with a gorgeous smile makes everything better.

2) Duolingo- I've also been learning welsh with the duolingo app. I should know welsh because it is the language of my country but honesty i haven't until now. BUT now i'm learning so many new words and phrases, also it is becoming important in schools here so I am also learning it to teach Theo ready for for when he goes to school.

3) Building my self esteem

For many years now I have struggled with my self confidence/esteem. Lately i've realised that this has to stop. I need to build myself up and stop putting myself down all the time. More on how I am doing this in the next blog 'Building self confidence'.

4) Declutting my room- As Theo keeps growing, his toy collection is growing and we still live with my mom. So when he goes to see his dad for a couple days I spend my time not just relaxing, but getting rid of anything i do need anymore or anything Theo has outgrown. I have to make the most of any space i can before he finds his feet!

5) Discovering new music- I'm also discovering new music,

This is my favourite lately! Completely love this! such a empowering song.

If you guys have any song suggestions for me DM me with them or find me on Instagram.

Ways to spend your time during lockdown

Bored of Netflix already? here are some ways to get away from the tv!

Learn a new language- Duolingo is free! There is also babbel. I love duolingo becuase its easy to use and can practice lots too.

It helps to advance your career prospects

Boosts your confidence

Improves memory

In my country- Many employers want welsh speakers.

Get cooking! Now is a great time to practice your cooking skills and try that new recipe you've seen that you want a taste of! Or if you don't cook, now is the perfect time to learn!

Learn a new life skill- there are so many skills in life that are important, I'm hoping this year i can learn some basic sewing so i wont be completely in the dark when my sons clothes need repairing! What skills can you learn? Check out this list of 48 skills!

Self care- It is a hard time we are all going through. The world is in a pandemic and many people are finding the lockdown stressful. During these uncertain times its important we remember to take time out for ourselves and de-stress where possible.

Read a new book- One of the most obvious answer here, read a new book! I've got 2 new books on my reading list and one of them is a film which you can get on Netflix its called

'Five feet apart'.

Declutter - you could also use this time wisely to get rid of anything you don't use in the house. Okay yes charity shops and recycling centres are currently closed BUT put it one side for now and free up some much needed space!

Daily exercise- FOLLOWING SOCIAL DISTANCING RULES*** Get some fresh air once a day, fresh air can all the difference. Ive been taking my son out for a short walk once a day and following the 2 meters apart guidelines of course.

Clap for our carers!- Thursday's 8pm join in the with the rest of the UK and show your appreciation for all the carers currently battling against this terrible virus and saving lives.

Virtual tour- There are many online virtual tours of different attractions around the world, now is the perfect time to visit some in the comfort of your home.

Post lockdown list- Now this is a fun idea, I came across this on pinterest. Make a list or write on post it notes and place in a jar all the things you want to do OR want to go when lockdown is over! Plan your future trips, so when the time comes and we can go out you'll have it all planned.

Bucket-list- You could also use this time to make a bucket-list of everything you want to do!

there are so many things you could do, one of my items is that one day i want to be brave enough to do a sky dive.

Learn to draw- Get arty and find your inner talent with leaning to draw. Now i'm terrible at drawing i can only just draw a stick man but thanks to YouTube, Pinterest and google I've been learning to draw different things, starting off with the basics such as different flowers and types of trees, we all need to start somewhere!.


In this time too don't forget to check in on your family, friends and close neighbours to make sure that they are all doing okay! It can be a very lonely time for those living alone, with kids and just in general. Call them and catch up!

Lastly to anyone reading this,

I hope you are doing well and staying safe...

Please pass the message on to anyone not following lockdown to please STAY HOME and ONLY GO OUT IF NECESSARY.

This virus is still taking too many lives, Stay stafe at home and pray that this will all be over soon x

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