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The Gift of Time

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The Gift of Time.

The festive season is almost upon us! Many of us start buying early and stow away those gifts until its time to wrap. Others may have finished and then there are those like me who are just beginning.

Christmas time can be a stressful time of year financially, it can seem overwhelming.

Each year we swear that we will tighten up the budget and be more careful, but when it comes to it, all those little things mount up.

The idea of Christmas not to be bias, can be seen as the idea of consumerism. We buy and consume things to make us feel better or to make others feel better.

BUT I challenge anyone reading this to pause for a moment and ask yourself the following question…

What is the true value of Christmas to you?

Its not about the presents we buy for others or what they buy us, it’s about who is there with you on Christmas day.

Its about coming together as a family and spending quality time together doing fun stuff! Its not about the fancy gadgets you get, its not about spending the day separate from one another, investing your time in your new things.

The true gift you can give this Christmas….is your time. Ditch the tech and spend time with your family/friends/ those who are closet to you!

Many hardworking people such as the emergency services do not have this opportunity, they are working through this day to help others.

There are many people in the world such as elderly people, homeless, friends, colleagues etc, who will spend the day alone.

Christmas to me (not to be bias) means coming together with those closest to you, making new memories, remembering old ones, laughing and loving!

Let me tell you a quick story about my Christmas last year…

I volunteered to work. I work in a restaurant and I said I would help out. I didn’t mind doing it at all, in fact it was a lovely atmosphere. Then when I got home, I had my Christmas dinner with my close family who waited for me. This truly made me feel blessed. In the evening then, my aunt, uncle and cousins join us, and we have a good time. BUT last year I did not join them. I spent the evening alone in my room. Why?

Two words are the main cause of this … mental health.

For a few years now, I had mental health issues, I had a great day it was lovely and them bam! Out of nowhere I felt completely overwhelmed and wanted to be alone.

Why do I share this story?

This year I have made a change to my health and taken more time for me. Reflecting back on that last Christmas now, makes me truly sad. I let my mental health issues win and by doing this, I missed out on precious family time, laughing and making memories.

This year I vow to change, this year I am spending the day with my family and aim to spend the day being with them, making precious memories, remembering the good times and thanking all the emergency services and others who are working though this day to help those in need.

I want anyone reading this to think about their past Christmas’s…. Were you truly happy and spent some quality time with those closest to you?

The season of giving doesn’t have to cost the world, or your bank account. What is most precious is the gift of giving time. Checking in with your family, actual human contact!

Yes, gifts are nice and I’m not saying don’t buy them but, time is more precious, and making memories to remember for a life time, is the most precious gift of all.

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