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The Art of Zero Waste

Swaps to cut your waste down.

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Following last weeks' post on Plastic pollution, this week I have decided to create a post on how YOU can invest in a few simple swaps to reduce YOUR waste.

Why invest in Eco friendly swaps?

  1. Not only will these swaps be kinder for the environment but also they will help YOU SAVE MONEY.

  2. Help the animals that are endangered.

  3. Its not expensive- In the long run it will save you money.

I challenge ANYONE READING THIS, Watch this video and just think how it makes you feel.

This trailer of a documentary from 2012 just shows SOME of the harsh realities of our world. I will never forget the first time I watched this. I was in tears.

Those echoing words 'Does anyone know what happens to it all' and 'Somehow in the deep ocean we got more life than trash' .

These hard-hitting images of OUR world is a lot to bare, we have to stop this and we have to stop it NOW.

What can we do to stop this?

Here are just some simple swaps to be more eco friendly and save you money in the long run...

  • Reusable coffee filter

  • Foil for cooking? How about trying out a reusable non stick silicone matt?

  • Say No to plastic Straws, instead try a stainless steal one. A quick wash once used and it can be reused numerous times.

  • Sponges- I was surprised to learn not long ago that sponges actually contain plastic! I have also recently spotted on Pinterest reusable sponges! Check these ones out from ETSY.

  • Kitchen roll- Admittedly I am terrible for using kitchen roll. but I have found reusable kitchen roll!.

  • Cotton buds- swap to Bambo cotton buds which are Biodegradable!

  • Cleaning cloths- How about microfiber ones? They are soft and wash very easily.

  • Say NO to unnecessary plastic. For fruit and veg at the store, try reusable organic cotton bags! Fresh bread? Invest in a reusable bread bag. I think these are a great idea!

  • Reusable shopping bag.

  • Cupcake cases- Invest in silicone ones. Wash and reuse. I have these and I can honestly say they are so easy to use and safe in the oven.

  • Cling film? DITCH IT! For heating food try silicone lids and for sandwiches or lunch try reusable food bags.

Ladies... for that time of the month...

Ask yourself, how much do I spend on Pads or tampons a year? The answer may surprise you.

According to 2015 report by Huffing post... ' With the average woman menstruating 450 times, the total cost of a period during a female’s lifetime was worked out at a whopping £18,450.' (Rachel Moss, 2015, Huffing Post UK).

£18+ k in our life!!! How does this affect the environment?

I recently read on another blog that ' 20 billion pads are thrown away annually in the US alone. Beyond just creating a lot of waste, think about all of the production that goes into making pads.'

This figure shocked me. We cant help having our monthly visitor, BUT we can reduce the waste. How about trying reusable cloth pads? Check these ones on amazon which have great reviews.

Wait there's more!

You also have the option of Period Pants.

Or a menstrual cup...

Not to mention the money we could save from buying the pads/tampons!

Want more ideas?

Check out this blog for more ideas on Zero Waste swaps!

Check out my pinterest board! (p.s still building this NEW board up).

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