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Summer Activities

Happy Friday! The weekend is here again and its summer! We are nearly halfway through the school holidays and some are wondering, what else can I do this summer? I have created another list of ideas for you my readers, to keep you busy this summer before the short arrival of Autumn will be upon us.

  1. Fly a kite

  2. Have/Create a treasure hunt.

  3. Toast marshmallows.

  4. Make a time capsule

  5. Have a baking day.

  6. Visit a local museum.

  7. Do a summer reading challenge

  8. Have a picnic.

  9. Watch funny videos on youtube.

  10. Go berry picking.

  11. Go for a bike ride.

  12. Have a board game afternoon

  13. Go Hiking

  14. Have a Disney movie marathon

  15. Go to the beach.

  16. Visit a library

  17. Go to the zoo.

  18. Look at the stars

  19. Journal your summer adventures.

  20. Make a pizza from scratch.

  21. Take lots of photos and make a scrapbook.

  22. Go bowling.

  23. Have a water balloon fight.

  24. See a summer blockbuster.

  25. Play mini golf.

  26. Go camping.

  27. Go kayaking or canoeing

  28. Collect seashells.

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