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Uni is well underway here in the UK. I am now into my 5th week of my course and the workload is a mountain! As I am trying to find the right balance to stay on top of it all I have decided to share with you guys somethings I have recently found that is helping me with my studies.

A range of the following I found on Pinterest and there are tons more I have saved on my profile> check it out here!

1) Reading strategy- say you have to do reading for class and make notes to discuss it in seminar or for a paper…. Here is a 321 strategy that can be adapted to what you need!

2) Reading strategy 2- This pin helps you to think about what you are reading and questions to ask yourself about the piece.

3) Essay writing- Its not an easy task to make an essay sound well written! I recently found this which is super handy for me and hopefully, will be for you guys too!

4) Essay writing 2- This pin is a simple checklist for you to think about when you have finished your essay and helps you to check off everything you may need to include.

5) Essay planning- Here is a template plan to help you outline your essay. By outlining your essay, it can help keep you focused and make sure you don’t go off topic.

6) Essay planning 2- If you aren’t keep on the first template about how about trying to create a plan like this one? Its just as handy!

7) Music- For many of us music helps us when studying. I recently read about study to music with no lyrics. This sounds strange but I gave it a try and haven’t look back since. I cant say how or why but this YouTube feed helps to keep me focused when I am studying.

8) Proofreading- I recently saw an essay adviser who gave me some great tips when editing/proofreading my work before handing it in…

> PRINT IT OUT- Don’t proofread it on a screen.

> Make the font bigger. By doing this it helps you focus more.

> Read it aloud.

> If you stumble, make a note where- that way that means something doesn’t sound quite right.

> Once you have done your proofreading, make the changes THEN if you can leave it for a day or so and go back over it. Don’t look at it, Don’t think about it, just leave it for a day if you can.

9) Personalized Dictionary- Starting a MA course I have learnt tons of new words many of them, I’ve had to write down the meaning of to remind myself. If you find yourself in the same position, create a little chart for yourself in word. All you need is 2 columns like this…

Word Definition

Economy the state of a country or region in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services and the supply of money.

By doing this and printing it, it makes a lot easier to find and remember the meaning of words.

10) Take time for you- Don’t burn yourself out! Remember to take time out for yourself. I make a rule for myself… No studying after 10 pm. I leave that 1 hour before to just relax.

I hope these study tips/ help resources help you guys out. Do you have your own methods and resources that you want to share that could help others? Post it in the comments! And…. Have a Happy Halloween! x

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