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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring, the time of year where the sun shines flowers blossom but then the dirt papers. Many of us can agree that it is a mammoth challenge but once it is all done there is no better feeling than sitting on the sofa or lying in bed and seeing the extent of your hard work. Before we get to this stage though the one big questions runs through our mind…where do I even begin? Well below is my guide to spring cleaning your home, turning a mammoth tasks into a walk in the park as they say.

1) Make a plan- list every room in your home that needs cleaning. Then make a check list what needs to be done in each room

2) Get everything ready- Make sure you have all the cleaning supplies you need. Basics Mop, Broom, Dustpan and brush, bleach, polish, glass cleaner, gloves, duster, all-purpose cleaner clothes.

3) Ask for help! Get your kids, partner, and family to help! In exchange for this offer them a meal, or alcohol (for the adults) a reward for the kids.


  1. Best way to start is firstly declutter. Get rid of anything you don’t wear, you don’t use or anything that is broken.

  2. Clear out all the washing, get rid of all the rubbish and recycling.

  3. Put away any clothes or items

  4. Polish/Dust furniture. Hoover the floor

  5. Clean the window, then leave it open and let fresh air in.


  1. Clean out the sink and the bath, Cif bath mouse works very well for me!

  2. Clean the shower curtain/ glass shower panel

  3. Mop/hoover the floor.


  1. Firstly clear off counter tops- any clutter, rubbish or dirty china.

  2. Clean down the worktops, antibacterial spray is great.

  3. Clean out the oven, microwave and toaster. These appliances are used so many times they can built up a lot of dirt and grease. Lack of cleaning can cause the appliances to break and cost you too fix them.

  4. The fridge- firstly get rid of anything that is gone off or past its expiry date or anything that may look like it’s on its way out. Next empty what is left out of the fridge and clean down the shelves. Antibacterial or kitchen bleach is great for this task! Then put everything back in.

  5. Clean the sink and the tap. Surprisingly experts believe that your taps can be as dirty as your toilet!

  6. Sweep and mop/hoover the floor

Living room

  1. Start from the top- Get rid of anything you aren’t using, old magazines DVDs, cd’s anything that is sat gathering dust. Recycle them, sell them, anything broken bin it.

  2. Wash all cushion covers and throws.

  3. Dust down any cabinets, bookshelves, the TV. Eliminate all that dust!

  4. Shake out any rugs, some can be washed but check the label first!

  5. Clean those remotes! TV remotes can be surprisingly dirty.

  6. Sweep/ hoover the floor.

  7. Mop the floor/ Shampoo the carpet. Give that floor a new lease of life.

These are just the main rooms, the main thing to remember is there is no rush so take your time! Even if you have a long list take your time in each task, if you rush you could miss something or if it’s not done right could need attending to again within a short amount of time.

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