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Self care on a budget

Stress, it is everywhere in our daily lives. Many of us are facing stress on a daily basis and it is damaging to our health. While stress is inevitable it is important that we don’t forget to look after ourselves and take time to relax.

It is important that we take time to destress and look after ourselves for the sake of our own health. In our lives, we face many demands but we need to be selfish and look after ourselves by allowing ourselves time, but how can we do this? How can we take the time to relax and on an already tight budget?

Self-care does not require spending all the time, it can come in the form of simple things;

  1. Take a shower- Just by having a shower can relax muscles. A simple thing as this can help reduce stress a lot.

  2. Listen to music- Put on your favourite songs and get singing. This will help distract your mind.

  3. 3 good things- I recently started to do this and found it changed my mindset a lot. You can be having the worst day ever BUT if you can try and write down every day 3 good things that have happened. No matter how small they seem, they can make a big difference.

  4. Social media cleanse- Go through your social media’s and ditch any negativity you may see on your homepages daily.

  5. Walk- Yes, I know exercise. Just by ten minutes of walking, you can boost your endorphins which potentially reduces stress and you will be surprised at how beautiful nature can be.

  6. Read- Find a good book that draws you in and lose yourself in its pages.

  7. Film/Tv- If your books aren’t your thing why not put on your favourite film or tv show, cook your favourite dinner and have a chill night. What could be better?

  8. Have an early night- Our bodies need time to rest and helps your body to heal.

  9. Have a nice warm drink- Preferably not caffeine as this can make stress worse but a nice warm drink such as; tea, hot chocolate or herbal tea can help relax you.

  10. Go have fun! Go out or stay in and do something you find fun; baking, Video games, bowling, hiking. Anything you find fun!

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