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Secrets of the Raging Storm

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Where do I even begin to explain this wrathful storm?

The storm that swirls around constantly in my mind,

One day I was happy and care free, it was peaceful and calm,

Then suddenly the next day it was gone.

In my mind, I am sat on a sandy beach, alone.

My fortress of solitude standing behind me.

I look out at the rough sea that crashes and bashes around,

The large waves that ride towards the land hastily.

The dark sky above filled with thunder and lighting,

which threatens to strike at any unexpected moment.

The cloud swirl around and the wind blows strong,

All i can do is look in despair and watch it unfold...

I cannot move, I am stuck in my sorry state...I am trapped.

What should be a peaceful and serene environment,

is filled with turmoil, its far from calm.

I long for peace, to be free in my mind

I long to feel an inch of happiness again,

To calm this raging storm that never seems to stop.

Will this peace ever be achieved?

The thunder rocks the ground around me,

the lighting strikes, bringing more emotional turmoil...

this storm wrecks my once beautiful land.

I never know when or where it will strike next but I know it is to come,

Will it ever end? Will the sun ever appear to shine again?

Cover Photo by Brian Sumner on Unsplash

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