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Revision Tips!

So it is that dreaded time of year again… Exam season! One of the most stressful and hated times for students everywhere. So many subjects, so many topics where do we even begin?!

If you are going through this right now fear not my friend. I am here to help you, being a university graduate I have had many years of testing time and stress from exam season, BUT have learnt some handy tips..

Firstly…Don’t panic, we have all been there- The mass panic of exam season has struck. One main point is do not bury your head in the sand or try to ‘wing it’.

  1. SPACE- Find a clear, comfortable and distraction free space where you can spread your work out.

  2. SCHEDULE- If you have multiple exams or many topics to revise make a revision timetable, (schedule in any school, college, uni..etc) Make plenty of time to revise and take regular breaks. STICK TO THIS SCHEDULE 

  3. SET GOALS- Do not try and cram a whole subject or topic in one session or one day, it will stress you out faster than you can think! Set yourself reasonable targets that you feel confident enough you can achieve.

  4. PREP EARLY- Main clear point, don’t leave revision till the last moment! Gather your materials together early

  5. COLOUR CODE- This was one of the most helpful things I found. Use colour coding for different key points or subjects … example English-  Themes- Green, ImageryYellow, Key points- Orange.

  6. PAST PAPERS- If you have access to past papers, use them!

  7. POST IT NOTES- Are handy to stick around your room so you can memorise key points as you are doing daily life! Write key points or keywords to help you memorise info.

  8. HIGHLIGHTERS- Different coloured highlighters for different points.

  9. STUDY GUIDES- Has your teacher or friend recommended a study guide? Invest in them, they have vital key information!

  10. HYDRATED- Keep hydrated, Plenty of water, squash or tea. Avoid fizzy drinks or energy drinks.

  11. BREAKS- Take regular breaks don’t push yourself too hard. Every hour or 45mins for a short break is fine.

  12. REST- Get plenty of sleep! Most important is sleep because if you don’t you will be too tired to revise or worst of all tired on exam day.

Best of luck to any of you taking exams, believe in yourself , you can do anything if you put your mind it to it! 🙂

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