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Rainy Day Ideas


Today it’s another rainy day for Wales! I was supposed to pop out to town but the way the rain is…it’s off putting! This gave me an idea for today’s post, what can I do on this rainy day?  Here are just some of the ideas I came up with…

  1. Movie Marathon- Get a pile of your favourite films, some snacks and a drink then relax on the sofa or in bed.

  2. Read- Have a book you bought but still haven’t read yet? Dust that book of and get curled up and finally read it.

  3. Bake- One of my personal favourites. Whip up a batch of brownies, cookies or if you’re feeling adventurous a whole cake!

  4. Games- Video games or board games both have great entertainment.

  5. For the writers… Have you been super busy and haven’t had much free time to work on that new novel or develop that poem idea? Well today’s your chance to. Get the thinking cap on

  6. Cook-If you’re feeling brave cook a meal for the family or cook up some meals for yourself that can be stored in the freeze. This way then if you have a late evening at work you can whip up a lovely meal in the space of half hour or so.

  7. Clean- not my most favourite or popular choice but it has to be done. Dust off those cobwebs and eliminate that dirt from the carpet, clean house clear mind.

  8. Tv series- Behind on your tv shows? Perfect chance to catch up!

  9. Work- Behind on your work or for teachers marking/planning? Grab yourself a cuppa and tackle that work with some motivating music.

  10. Family and friends- Haven’t heard from or spoke to your friends and family for a while? Give them a call, drop them a message or invite them over for a coffee.

  11. Photos- Take a trip down memory lane, dig out the photos organise them or even make a scrapbook

  12. New recipe- Found a cool new recipe on google or Pinterest or through a friend? Get your chef’s hat and apron on, give it a go!

  13. Pizza- Fancy pizza but sick of the take out ones? Make your very own Pizza and tailor it to your liking. Instead of pasta or red sauce use bbq or add some garlic or spice in.

  14. Have some energy? Burn off those calories or tone up with a home work out. Check on YouTube for some simple exercises.

  15. Furniture- Fancy a change in your home? Try rearranging the furniture.

  16. Pamper day- Feeling stressed out or down? Give yourself a nice break with your own self pamper day. Have a nice hot shower or bath, dig out that dressing gown get your favourite songs on, nice cuppa, put on a face mask or just simply de stress.

  17. Catch up diary- Dig out those planners/diaries and add in those important dates you haven’t yet done.

  18. Recipe book- Are you a foodie with loads of recipes but they are everywhere? Why not make your very own recipe book?

  19. Plan a holiday/Vacation- Going away somewhere or want to one day? Make your trip a reality and plan it! Or if you can’t yet make future plans even if you just list where you want to go and what you want to do.

  20. Finally… Colour. There is no shame in colouring I have adult colouring books which are a huge help with my anxiety or depression. I sit for hours colouring.

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