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Plastic Times Call For Plastic Measures

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The world's Plastic crisis.

Today's post is a wake up call for everyone, including myself as I write this. Lately I have been seeing a lot of harsh truths about Plastic waste and its given me a real wake up call.

I've been witness to headlines such as... '

Dead sperm whale found in Indonesia had ingested '6kg of plastic'

(BBC NEWS, 2018).

and this heartbreaking image I saw on Metro news just 3 days ago...

These news reports and images have drawn me to near tears. Its the Heartbreaking reality of our plastic use.

I have to stop contributing to this...

Is just one of the many thoughts I have had while writing this post. Its devastating to see the impact on the environment. Another image that rocked me to the core was a Heart wrenching impact on the rain-forest.

'Image that cannot be ignored'

The wildlife that lived there, is either under threat of extinction... or are running of of places to peacefully live.


These heartbreaking images are caused by our consumption.

From this day I am vowing to cut down on my plastic use as much as I can. Because I refuse to be oblivious to these image that cannot be ignored.

What can we do to become more kind to the environment??

Firstly you need to commit to change, recognise how much plastic you consume and stop as much as you can.

1) Check out Easy Eco Tips's Instagram. They have a range of ideas to help you get started. Hit that Follow Button!

2) How does your food choice impact the environment? Find out here! BBC NEWS have created a calculator that lets you see how much you use in gas emissions, Water consumption and electric too!

3) Plastic bags? - DITCH THEM. When you go shopping take reusable material bags. They are stronger and kinder to the environment.

4) Coffee on your way to work? Invest in a reusable mug. They keep your tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc, warm for a long time, and you can reuse it. Much Kinder to the environment.

5) Ditch the bottled Water. I will admit I am terrible for this. I do buy bottled water time and time again, I do recycle them when I am done, but its not enough. My personal goal is to stop buying bottled water, when I can get it out of the tap and save myself some ££. I dread to think how much I spent in the past 5 years on bottled water...

6) Ditch GOOGLE SEARCH. I found this search engine who state that ' Ecosia is like any other search engine, with one major difference: we use our profits to plant trees.'


7) Go Paperless- Say no to those receipts that pile up in your purse, say no to the bank statements which can be accessed online! Reduce the amount you waste.

8) Taken from Easy Eco Tips- I am guilty of this and will defintley be getting rid of files I don't need https://www.instagram.com/p/BrN9tyxnEk5/ - Delete files you don't need!

9) Check out these 10 Plastic free Swaps https://www.instagram.com/p/BslS0KOH-9F/ I found on The Good Life Designs Instagram.

10) Get friends involved! Share tips and ideas on how to cut the plastic waste down.

*Keep an eye out on my Pinterest. I will soon be creating a board dedicated to being more Eco Friendly!


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