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No Spend Weekend

Happy Friday! It’s the weekend, you are free but money is tight! What can you do? You feel adventurous but after the bills are paid and you spent the rest on those essentials, you are restricted.

This weekend I am challenging myself to a no spend weekend. Here are 30 ideas I have found to keep us busy…

  1. Wing cooking Challenge yourself to create a new dish to what ingredients you have in your fridge, cupboards or freezer. Have fun and get creative!

  2. Declutter– Ok this may sound more of a chore. I recently did this with my bedroom. I got rid of quite a lot and donated the majority of it to charity. By getting rid of this clutter, I felt so much better and had lots more space.

  3. Conquer the ‘To do list’ – Your to-do list has been sitting on the side for how many days or weeks now? Challenge yourself to clear that list, trust me you will feel so much better for it. You will feel accomplished and won’t have to worry about it later down the line.

  4. Self-care day Self-care is super important. Take some time out for yourself and do things that make you feel good.

  5. Hike Here in Wales there are plenty of views to take your breath away. Hiking is not only great exercise but it is fresh air out of the house and helps clear a cluttered mind.

  6. Learn a new skill Want a new challenge but don’t know where to start? How about learning a new skill? Challenge yourself! I am learning to appreciate myself more and not put myself down.

  7. Bad weather? Have a movie/Tv show marathon. Catch up on that show you have been dying to see.

  8. Free attractions Look around your local area for some free attractions and learn something new. Visit a museum or a local historical attraction. Get some fresh air.

  9. Make lists Declutter your mind and free it up before you forget that great idea. Birthday gift ideas, Christmas gift ideas, Movies to watch, Self-care ideas, Books to read, Bucket lists, shopping lists… there are too many to name!

  10. Plan a future trip It can be an upcoming trip or somewhere you want to go one day. Planning is free.

  11.  Catch up with family.

  12. Go for a walk.

  13. Volunteer.

  14. Read a book, magazine or article.

  15. Invite friends over for a board game night.

  16. Write.

  17. Bake.

  18. Do some colouring.

  19. Create a budget.

  20. Explore a library.

  21. Write a letter to your younger/Future self.

  22. Learn a new language on Duolingo- Its free!

  23. Take a free online course and learn something new.

  24. Play with your pet.

  25. Print photos and make an album.

  26. Sell your old stuff.

  27. Update your CV or create one.

  28. Clear your social media.

  29. Make a plan to quit a bad habit.

  30. Watch funny clips on YouTube.

Plenty for you to keep busy without spending a penny. Give the bank a break.

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