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My top 10 Instagram follows

Instagram is apart of my daily life. I don’t only use it post these blogs but also to follow others and it is my way of switching off from the stress of daily life. There are so many great accounts that I follow, this list was a hard choice. I like all the things I follow but the following 10 accounts I do particularly enjoy a lot. Many who read this will have there own preferences of their favourite accounts but these are just some of my favourites.

In no particular order…

riddlemethis_official – I love the daily riddles from Riddle me this! They are well written and really makes your brain itch! Although most answers are posted in the comments I do love a good brain tease! A great page to follow if you like a daily challenge.

buzzfeedtasty – Wow Buzzfeed tasty what can I say? I started firstly following this through facebook and then later discovered this account. They have some incredible recipes, Many I have saved for later. A tasty treat for all their followers.

afremov – I have to be honest, I am not usually one for art. I stumbled upon Leonid Afremov through google images one day and have been hooked on the art ever since. These painting are incredible, full of colour and life with huge amount of detail. Such an inspiration.

poems919 - I love this account. I do love a quote that makes me stop and think about life or that just stands out to me. Poems 919. Is full of quotes that fill me with inspiration.

thetravelguyslife I have to admit I do know the travel guy. We went to the same schools for many years and were good friends. Travel guy posts some spectacular images of nature and inspires you to book your next flight that minute. This account is a great one to follow for any travel lover.

writing.prompt.s - This account is great! As a writer, I do suffer from writer’s block or in need of a creative flow. This page posts some great writing prompts that can make a great story or even a short story that is full of laughter or mystery. This page is a must follow for any writer.

chesterzoo- For anyone who watches The Secret Life of the Zoo… this is the actual zoo! It is great account to follow, They post daily and some of the images are super cute! It is nice to see the animals still thriving when the TV show is not on.

wordporm- Pretty similar to Poem 919 – A page full of quotes that make you think or sometimes even laugh. Here is one from the other I laughed at.

(Image from Word porm Instagram site)

visitwales- Visit Wales! Serious you need to. I do live in Wales but I love following this account to look for new places for me to visit. This account captures the true beauty of the country I live in. The landscapes are breathtaking.

theblurtfoundation -This account is so supportive. Whenever I am having a tough day with my depression The Blurt Foundation Instagram’s account reminds me that it’s okay not to be okay. There posts remind me to take time for myself and teach me something new every week. A great account to follow.

Feel free to share any of your favourite pages/people Instagram accounts in the comment section for me to check out.

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