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Money Saving Tips at Home

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As we move into the colder months of the year, all of us will be using more energy within our homes. Although it must be acknowledged that gas prices are on the rise and increasing by a shocking amount for many of us. Furthermore, many of us living off benefits are about to face a huge cut which by no means helps the situation. I am feeling the pinch with all of you and face loosing £87 a month with a toddler and a new baby on the way. It is a daunting thought on how I will manage it all.

That's why I bring this post to you all today, we are now all searching for any way we can to save every penny we can to manage with all this financial worry. I've search though many different posts and websites to bring these tips to you today, many of which I already do and others which I shall be starting.

If you guys have any other ideas that I have no included in today's post please feel free to leave a comment or message me so I can add it on so we can all help each other out through this difficult time. BUT most importantly, try not to worry too much (yes easier said than done) there is help out there for anyone struggling, and NEVER be ashamed to ask for help. We all need it sometimes.

Money Saving Tips

1) Budget- First things first. You need to make a budget. Write down all outgoing expenses and how much they are. Write down on the other side any income you have too.

2) Cut anything unnecessary- Next do you have anything you can cut down or cut out completely? If you are in desperate need of saving review your budget and cut out anything you do not absolutely need. This can include things like subscriptions i.e, gym, Amazon prime, Netflix. Takeaways, expensive gifts, eating out, coffee out, Gardner, cleaners, magazine or newspaper subscriptions, alcohol, App subscriptions. Anything like this needs to go, you'd be surprised how much you can save a year by cutting out unnecessary things such as these.

3) Stock list - Another thing to do is go through all your cupboards, fridge, freezer etc, make a list of all the food you have. I try and do this at least once a month before I do the monthly shop. By doing this you save yourself money and buying double of what you already might have. Furthermore, this can help save money by allowing you to create meals from what you have at home already.

4) Meal plan- From the stocklist you have made and to save money while out shopping plan your meals. This can be for a week, weeks or even a month! I do this, I make a weekly planner, it saves time and money as I plan my meals around my schedule.

5) Buy second hand- Don't be afraid of second hand stuff! I've bought many second hand items that are in great condition plus the money goes to helping someone else. Many kids clothes are second hand, they are in great condition and saved me a huge amount of money.

6) Sell clutter- Do you have lots of clutter or stuff around your home you don't use? Why not sell it and get some cash towards things you do need!

7) Light bulbs- Save on your energy bill by switching to more energy efficient light bulbs in your home. LED are more energy efficient as they use less energy and last longer than standard bulbs.

8) Turn off plugs- If your not using something that is plugged in, make sure its off at the switch. Leaving them on uses electric and runs up your bill.

9) Financial help- We all need help sometimes and there is help for many out there. Check with your energy supplier, energy advisor or citizen advice, speak to them and see if there is any other financial aids or grants to help you. There are warm home discounts, cheaper tariffs, emergency loans and grants.

10) Love your leftovers- Do you have leftovers from your dinner? Instead of throwing it away, why not use it up instead! You could use it then next day for a meal or even in most cases freeze it for another time. This once again saves time and money! It also reduces your waste.

Other money saving tips around the home...

  • Lower your thermostat just one or two degrees. According to an article on uSwitch , just by lowering the temperature one or two degrees can save you up to £80 a year on your energy bills!

  • No spend weekends- Fancy a real challenge? Have a no spend weekend. Go the whole weekend without spending a penny.

  • Feeling chilly? Instead of putting the heating on (unless its very cold) put on an extra layer of clothing instead or wrap up under a blanket!

  • Before bed- Before you go to bed grab a hot water bottle fill it up and warm the bed up half hour before you plan to go to bed. It will be nice and toasty once you do get in then.

  • If you do have the heating on... Is there rooms in your home you don't use or aren't in much? If so then turn down the radiators in those rooms and only heat the ones your in or using most often.

  • Draft excluders- Get some draft excluders or even old towels/dust sheets and put them against the bottom of the door to stop any cold drafts coming in.

  • Food and shopping- These are important... Make a list before you go shopping. Switch to cheaper brands instead of big brands (they are cheaper and just as good!) Finally STOP eating out. Also by in bulk ( large packs of items like pasta, rice, toilet roll).

  • When cooking food in the oven- DON'T open it lots. This looses the heat and uses more gas/electric (depending on what cooker you have). Only open it if you need to.

  • When boiling food- Cook with lids on. It helps the water boil faster and saves energy.

  • Smart meters- Now there is a lot of debate about these whether they actually help or if you trust them or not. I'm not here to create a debate... I advise a smart meter as you can track your usage and see how much your spending on energy in your home. Having these just makes you more conscious on your usage and shows you where your money is going.

  • Energy suppliers- Go have a look on uswitch or price comparison sites, Is there a cheaper supplier than your current on OR a cheaper tariff you can swap to?

  • Laundry- Firstly, wash your clothes in a cold wash, it saves money with your energy. Only use a hot wash if you need to. ( I cold wash my clothes and only hot wash if we've had any germs and bugs in the house to kill them). Secondly, if the weather is okay outside dry your clothes outside instead of the tumble dryer, OKAY YES, in the winter it is a lot harder but even in winter clothes can part dry outside and they get that nice fresh scent too!

  • Showering- Firstly, turn down your shower pressure. It saves energy and still does the same job. Secondly can you afford to get a water efficient shower head? It can save money in the long run. Thirdly, turning down the heat a degree or two can save your energy to! Finally, as nice as it is to have a long hot shower, cut down your shower time.

  • Laundry - Another laundry saving tip, DONT DO small loads. Wait till you have a big load ( full loads NOT half loads).

  • Home DIY Repairs- Fill in and seal up any cracks around your home to keep in the heat and keep drafts out.

  • Standby- Don't leave stuff on standby! TV, Microwaves etc. They use energy. If your not using them turn them off at the plug.

  • Kettle boiling- Only fill the kettle up to what you need and not all the way. It saves time, energy and water.

  • Taps- Do not leave your tap running, this is common when you brush your teeth or just leave it on while you go grab something etc. Don't do it! It runs your water usage up and wastes water.

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Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! If anyone has any more handy tips or helpful links that could help others please leave a comment below for everyone to see. Let's help each other out!

If you think this post could help someone out please give it a share!

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