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Importance of self care


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Someone once said ‘An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly’ (quote from paintedteacup.com).

Self-care is important for us all, it allows us to connect with ourselves and let go of daily stresses that we tackle. Becoming overwhelmed is easily done in today’s society, which is why it is more important than ever to keep connected with ourselves. It is important to have a healthy work-life relationship to keep ourselves grounded in the world and not lose to exhaustion from work overload.

By self-caring we are taking time out and reminding ourselves that we are important and sometimes, we need to be selfish by taking some time out.

Self-care can help us out of a rut. You could be an artist looking for new inspiration, A writer with writers’ block, someone looking for a new challenge in life but not knowing what to do. By taking time out for ourselves we are freeing up our mind, by relaxing and taking our mind off the issues we have. It might not happen overnight but by caring for you, your mind can find some new muse. Take a break for you!

But I don’t have time… Self-care can be as simple as indulging in your favourite meal, watching your favourite tv show or movie, or even just having a nice shower to feel refreshed. If your feeling more adventurous, go out into nature and get some fresh air, treat yourself to something new or do your favourite activity.

Remember to take time for you and remind yourself that you matter.

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