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How to be organsied

Happy Tuesday! Today I bring you a post on how to be organised. Before I give you my tips on organisation though, why be organised? How can it help you? Where do we start?

To ‘Organise’  is defined as to bring structure or systematize something. To me being organised is to have everything in order (not literally in order) and know where I am with everything. Why be organised though? From someone who likes to be super organised, I can happily say that by being organised; I am less stressed out, I manage my time more effectively, my space is clean and tidy and I know exactly where to find things I need. An article by unclutter.com gives many of the benefits to be organised, such as ‘Less stress- Above anything else this is the number one reason.’ ‘Relax more- Less time spent running around means more time. ‘The overwhelming seems manageable.’ (Read more here).

So we can you start? When I decluttered a couple of weeks ago I sat down and I wrote out things I needed to/wanted to organise. This firstly organised my thoughts and helped me to relax by getting it all out of my mind.  I then came up with how  I wanted it organised, paperwork, for example, I wanted to put into files and label them; Personal paperworkWork/job paperwork, House paperwork, University paperwork and Bills. This reduced down the amount of paperwork I had, freeing up space and was no longer a messy pile I hid away!

I then made a couple of lists; To do, To Buy, Don’t Forget. This helped me to clear my cluttered mind even more and helps with the things I forget about. I also have a diary for the year and an A5 notebook that I keep on me if I think of anything else.

Other organisation tips!

  1. Spend 10 minutes a day tidying. Even just 10 minutes makes a whole difference.

  2. Review your ‘To do’ list every day.

  3. Check your bank balance weekly. This helps keep your awareness when shopping.

  4. Put all laundry in a basket, not on the floor.

  5. Make your bed every day.

  6. Put things away now rather than later. Less to worry about later.

  7.  Do a little bit each day to be more organised.

  8. Declutter- To keep the organisation in your home or the office or wherever declutter.

  9. Keep surfaces clean and tidy.

  10. Use labels.

I hope this helps you, my readers. Stay tuned for future posts on my organisation ideas and decluttering!

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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