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Holiday essentials list

So it’s that time  of year again. We are at the end of our tethers (out of patience and full of stress) and we need to get away from it all. We organize a get away and then start counting down the months, weeks, day and then hours till we get to escape the daily strife. I myself have just booked my own little get away for June (woohoo!) 🙂

Then the nightmare of packing hits us. The stress kicks in even more ..where do we begin? Have I got everything? What am I forgetting? When I go away I make endless lists and double tick them off but inevitably I ALWAYS forget something!  Whether you’re jetting off abroad, braving nature by camping or a self catering holiday, I have made a couple of lists of a few essentials. Not everything is listed ( It would be endless) but the items i’ve put down are just a few of what I thought of to be essential.

Top Essentials

Sun Screen + Aftersun          Pain killers + personal medication            First Aid Kits  Ladies…  Hair ties ( Bobbles)  Hair Brush    Hair dryer           Time of the Month essentials  Deodorant/Aftershave/ Perfume                    Booking Info       Backpacks                                    Spare Clothing and shoes          Make up       Tooth brush      Tooth paste                        Phone Chargers!

Going Abroad                                                                                                                                  Sun glasses                   Hat                        Travel adaptor              Insurance Info                      Boarding passes          Medical Info        Currency                        Reading material                    Travel Guides              Camera                 Travel Pillow                 Evening wear

Camping                                                                                                                                            Tent                             Sleeping bag          Pillows                         Extra tent pegs                          Plastic bags               Spare clothes         Thermals                      Rope                                         Tin opener                 Duct tape                 Matches                       Spare batteries                           Glow sticks                Spare footwear      Camping chairs          Air beds                                       Pump                          Bite and sting cream   Wellies                  Pocket Knife                                   Head torch              Tissues                      map of the area        Marshmallows!

Self Catering 

Kitchen– Kitchen roll, Oil, Cling film, Washing up liquid, Sponge, Tea towels, Washing powder, Tea bags, Food bags, Foil, Plastic tupperware.

Bathroom- Towels, Shampoo, Body wash, loo roll.

Bedroom- Coat hangers, Extra blanket, Spare clothes, Coat, extra pillow.

Others- Dvds, Cards, Book/s, Shopping bags, Food, Guide of the area, Picnic blanket, Cooler bag, Ice packs, Plastic plates and cutlery.

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