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Head of Dread

#thoughts #poetry #heartbroken #pain #life #rhyme

My pain knows no end My tears pour like rain pieces of my heart wrapped in a chain.

So deep inside why wont it go away?

For strength I do pray.

More broken than before I don't want to feel this pain anymore. I sit and wallow in my bed Trying to sort the confusion in my head.

My head beats louder than a drum,

Life has become painful and numb.

Thoughts of sadness fill my head

But I carry on the day, filled with dread. What is love they ask? I dont know anymore More confused than ever before My emotions later torn My body is worn. Where do I go now? Which path is best? I yearn to lay down and rest. I hide away in the comfort of my duvet Blocking the world out with music. My dreams are haunted they were my only escape. What happens in my future, is now up to fate. The pain lingers near What have I done Debating the decision I made Was it the right one? My eyes sit heavy My brain doesnt know what to think My heart sits broken What do I do ? Where I move on from here i have no clue? Sleep is my only escape from numb life The hurt I feel is sharper than a knife Hiding and blocking out the rife

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