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Great things about Autumn

Many consider christmas as ’tis the season to be jolly’ but in my world and in many others lives, Autumn is best season, here’s some reasons why…

  1. The Trees

The trees change colour and they are super pretty. The trees change from green into different shades of yellow, orange, red, brown and on the off occasion depending what tree it is I’ve even seen purple before!

2. Great Comfort Food

During the autumn/ winter months, there is nothing I love more than coming home to a slow cooked stew filled with near gooey veg and warm gravy to go with some dumplings. It is such a great comfort if i’ve had a rough day.

3. Halloween

I am not a huge fan of Halloween I must admit but I do enjoy the occasion. I love seeing young kids dressed up all cute, out with their parents coming all shy to the door in their awesome costumes and asking for sweets. I also love staying in watching a horror film, scaring myself with them and eating junk at the same time.

4. The return of great TV

Another advantage of autumn, you get the return of some great tv. For many this is X factor or Strictly Come Dancing, but for me it mean The Big Bang Theory, Gotham and a whole load of other great shows that I am spoilt for choice with.

5.The nights draw in

Many find the night drawing in depressing. For me I find it as an excuse to come home, put on my nice warm fluffy Pyjamas and get all cosy in front of the TV with some good food.

6. Blankets and more blankets

Ahh blanket season.. Coming home or spending my days off wrapped in my blanket with a nice cup of hot chocolate or tea with a good book, relaxing into my own little cocoon.

7. Sweater Season!

Forget Bikini season, I am more than happy with a baggy, comfy sweater as I head out into the cold. I always like to get the next size us so i can wrap myself into my sweater or pull it down over my hands if I forget my gloves.

8. Fallen leaves

When I was younger, me and my friends use to gather as many leaves as we possibly could and have a good old leaf fight. It was super fun. We would then make a huge pile and take turns jumping in. Now at 23 though I can’t do that, I like to walk along kicking up the leaves from underneath my feet or if I am walking and find a big pile ( and no one is around)  I like to run and destroy the tidy pile. Still a big kid at heart.

9. Uggs and Boots

Yes Ladies you heard me right, Its officially Ugg and Boots season again! Dig them out and rock those bad boys, I am already strutting mine around. Uggs are super comfy and keep our feet so warm and you can find them pretty cheap BUT be warned they are not waterproof.

10. The Crisp Air

The morning mist rolling down over the hills and mountains, the sun just peeking through as it rises over the horizon. Also the coldness of the air where you can see your own breath, as a child I was fascinated by this and still now at 23 love to see my own breath dance in the air as I exhale.

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