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Good Things Come to Those Who Graduate

Tips on how to succeed in your graduate job interviews

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It may only be the 1st March but its never to early to job hunt! This time of year, many final year students are starting to consider the prospect of their future, job hunting!

Searching for employment in which you will put your hard earned skills to good use can seem daunting. Being a Masters student in my final few weeks of lectures is a scary experience for me... Being told to start looking for my future job is nerve racking. Where do you start? What if I cant find anything? How can I face rejections? What if I get an interview?!

Today's blog will shed some light into the realm of interviews by giving you some tips on how to succeed in an interview.

The interview process

It can be a daunting thought.... 'We request you to attend an interview at our office...'. Interviews are the employers way of getting to know you in person and finding out more about you. CV's and Cover letters are a great start but as the saying goes... 'Never judge a book by its cover'. By meeting you in person, the employer can gain a sense of what you are like as a person better than a description on paper.

Check out this handy video from the GRB...

Top 10 tips to succeed your interview!

1) Research the company - Their website, reviews,social media presence. View it all and impress them!

2) Stay calm- Relax! You got this!

3) Revise the job description

4) Be positive- No negative self talk.

5) Dress Smart- Yes smart and iron clothing!

6) Where do you see yourself in 5 years? - Have an answer, its common question.

7) Research common interview questions and try to think of some answers for each.

8) Be yourself! Do not be someone else.

9) Be on time.

10) Don't be afraid to ask questions


Best of luck to anyone who has interviews for jobs! It maybe a daunting process but you guys got this, just stay calm and answer honestly.

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