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Father’s day gift guide

Fathers day

Here in the UK it’s 1 week till father’s day! The time of the year us kids rattle our brains for hours trying to figure out what to get dad/stepdad/grandad. I have faced the challenge this week whilst I was away and finally bought something… whether it he will like it or no though… it is a hard task for many of us, so below is a list I have created to give you some ideas to help or give you a rough outline of different dads i.e DIY dads, Sporty dads etc..

For the DIY dad’s

A new tool set, A new hammer, new tool box, tool holder for around the waist, noise cancelling headphones (for those noisy jobs).

For the tech dad’s

An Ipad/ Tablet, wireless headphones, the latest games he’s been eyeing up, smart watch, wireless speaker, a scribble clock.

For the couch potato dads

Dressing gown/ robe, a basket of his favourite snacks, armrest organiser, ring for tea bell, (if he drinks) a pack of his favourite drink, a cool cushion.

For the sporty dads

Table top football, ‘I’d rather be watching rugby’ t-shirt, mini golf set, table top pool, toilet golf, desktop table tennis, put together a bike repair kit.

For the gardener dads

Personalised gardening tools, new garden tools, gloves, watering can, garden tools box, a gnome, a gardening mug.

If all else fails…

Treat him to: a drink at his favourite/ local pub, A meal out, a round of golf,  tickets to a game.

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