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Desk Space Essentials and Organisation


Whether you’re a student; a teacher, a business owner or a stationary enthusiast, desk essentials and organisation is crucial. I myself have a lot of stationary which I go through rather quickly and my desk I hate to admit, is always in a constant mess!

This evening (9pm here!) I am tackling my messy habits and sorting my desk out, sharing my tips with you all. Before I can do this lets first look at some main essentials that every desk should have…

Note pad/Writing pad/Plain paper– I always keep this handy for new ideas.

Highlighters, Pens, Pencils– I have a ton of these, always keep these handy!

Eraser, Sharpener, Tipp-ex- On hand for those mistakes or that blunt pencil.

Scissors, Sellotape, Blu tack, Stapler, Paperclips– These come in handy when you least expect it.

Post it notes– I have a stack of these, they are handy for quick reminders or a brief note!

Polly pockets, Hole puncher, Ruler– Hands up, how many times have we needed these but can never seem to find them? (So me).


Spare Staples and Book mark stickers.

Now we have some of the main essentials, how do we keep them in an organised manner?


These are just some ways of how I now keep my essentials organised. The organiser boxes I was lucky to get in the reduced section of my local Wilko for under £1!


This little caddy was a DIY project. I found the idea on Pinterest. It was so quick and easy to make, it was made from an empty tissue box and toilet roll tubes. I added on some cute wrapping paper to make it bright!

Want to see the idea? Go to Pinterest.com and search ‘Clever DIY marker caddy’.

These are just some of many ways to keep stationary organised. Pinterest have some great ideas and check out Instagram #deskorganization to see how others have tackled the task.

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