• Tips Chick M

Crumbling path

I should walk away and let you go,

But my heart screams no.

I should know to let go,

And accept this sad woe.

But when you come around,

My feelings return

No matter how many times I get burned

Head and heart at war, the battle goes on.

Filled with conflict I dont know what to do,

Why am i still hopelessly in love with you?

we have gone our separate ways

But I still think of you every single day.

My head is wise but my heart is filled with feelings too,

As I walk away from the past ,

The ground beneath feels uneven

I can't help but look back.

At times things were messy and complicated too,

But I felt such joy and happiness when I was with you.

Even before you that joy didnt exist

You brought me out of my shell

I am a different person now.

But as I sit and watch night fall,

My brain is a swirling tornado

What is it about you that keeps me in my state of limbo?

Is it your goofy jokes

Or that cheeky look you give ?

Maybe it's those eyes that look deep

One small look makes my heart leap.

The ground beneath begins to crack

Another path appears but looks uncertain

Which do I follow?

Poem by Tips chick blog..

Cover pic by John Salzarulo at unsplash

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