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Bonding with my bump 

21 weeks pregnant, my thoughts to my baby bear.

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21 weeks, 5 months down...where has the time gone? It only feels like yesterday I found out you were there, it feels like hours ago since I saw you for the first time in there.

Every day you grow stronger, I feel you kick, booting, bashing and practicing your gym routine.

Its reassuring to know that your big and strong, and just in 19 weeks time I will hold you in my arms, soothing your cries as you wake in the night.

As I settle down for the evening, that's when you wake up to play, your super active but I'm tired from a long day.

In my head I try to figure out what you will look like, if you will have my dark hair or blue eyes? Will you have my stubborn attitude or will you be more relaxed and patient?

Every day you make me crave strange things, like fish fingers or capri sun which doesn't seem so bad I guess!

I've have some names for you but yet I cant pick which is the best fit. I dont think i will decide until i see your cute button face and hold your tiny hands. Although the family have their own ideas on what they like your name to be!

When I go for my scans to make sure your doing okay, you turn into a hyper monkey and wriggle around to play! I feel you as you refuse to stay still, I just laugh along and whisper to you hey lil monkey.

The family are beyond excited to meet you, buying you clothes, blankets and cuddle toys for you to have, I feel blessed they are there for me and you and are beyond excited to see you. I must admit it seems surreal for me, knowing that your tiny life depends on me, it's a scary thought but I'm going to be the best I can be.

Until then my lil wriggle bum, keep on growing big and strong. Keep letting me know that you ate still there wriggling around, kicking me in the night, and stealing my limited energy.

I've not met you yet but already I love so so much, you are my sweet little guy who I will always love until the day I die...

Love your mummy x

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