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Birth announcement!

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Dear readers...

Apologies for not posting lately! But I have exciting news...

On Friday 23rd October my waters broke! And I was rushed off to hospital where I stayed for over a week...

I'm happy to announce that on Tuesday 29th October 2019 at 11:42am my son Theo Michael Jones made his appearance! He was a shocking 8lb 6oz, this was a shock because I'm tiny myself 😅.

I landed up having forceps delivery and stitches. Someone once told me when you have a baby, your dignity goes out the window. This was true, Theo bear was a bit unwell when he was born so had to have some help and at one point there were 10 or so doctors, consultants and midwives in the room as I gave birth. I dont remember much, they gave me lots of pain relief, I can vaguely remeber listening out for that first cry, it took a very short time but it felt like forever.

My amazing mother and baby's father supported me throughout the labour, which was far from easy and I'm currently still recovering at home. They stayed up over the course of 2 days to be with me and supported me despite me screaming in pain and talking some random things because of the pain relief Hahaha!

Today (12th November 2019) was my due date. My lil bear is 2 weeks old and currently tucked up in my arms as I write this. It has been far from easy, I've been very sleep deprived but somehow still managed to keep going. It's hard being a mum for the 1st time AND its scary, but I wouldn't change a thing, I never knew it was possible to love someone so much. He is my world.

Future of the blog...

I am not giving up blogging, BUT currently taking a break from Tips Chick blog to find my feet in my new role as a mummy bear. I will be back blogging when I can. For now my focus is on my little Theo bear and getting myself better.. x

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