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Beginners guide to the real world

Congratulations! You are now officially an adult. You have finished college, uni, turned 18 etc… And are now facing the impact of adulthood. Let me tell you one thing…as a teenager you cannot wait to be an adult and do your own thing, thinking it’s easy being an adult they get to do whatever they want… that is a lie, we don’t! Being an adult is scary, hard work and tiring!

Being an adult doesn’t mean just living on your own or now legal enough to do all the things you weren’t as a teen. Being an adult is a whole lot more, there are so many responsibilities you have to face it is unreal…

Firstly…. Food

Food is shockingly expensive, you learn this on your official first food shop without your parents to pay. I mean the price of cheese!! Also if you’re someone like me who has a milk allergy, the free from stuff is even worse in price.


Secondly – ££

For many adults we seem to never have any money. It all goes on food, bills, rent, tax and daily essentials, no money is left over for the cravings or sneaky takeaway. 


Thirdly- cleaning

The mess that we left as a child/teen that mysteriously disappeared…we now have to make disappear by ourselves.


Cleaning always seems endless as an adult. There is always laundry to do, dishes to be cleaned or dust to be busted.

Next….staying healthy

Mum or dad isn’t there to nag you to eat your greens anymore, you have to force yourself to be healthy. Being healthy is hard and expensive at times. Fruit and veg costs sometimes and you have to try and be healthy or the sake of your own health because no one is going to tell you to do it anymore.

Important things… 



Yes that scary word….JOB. You have to be responsible and get a job to survive for many there first job is either Retail or Bar or Restaurant.  If you’re a graduate …that job you always dreamed of getting the moment you got out of uni? Don’t hold your breath. Okay so many do manage to get good jobs that they want BUT not all the time, there are still many graduates who are unemployed or in basic part time jobs with a mountain of debt!


You know that saying … ‘With great power comes great responsibility’? It is 100% true. Now you are an adult you have so much power but need to be responsible with everything because the real reality is no one is going to be there to tell you what to do anymore.

So now the reality of adulthood has hit.

that escalated quicklymeme

How do we get through it all? Here are a few tips from a 23 year old …

  1. GET A JOB– You will need one to get money because monopoly money doesn’t work and chances of winning the lottery are slim.

  2. BUDGET- I have made the mistake of not budgeting enough and I am paying for it. Everytime you get paid or have money budget it out for any bills, food and essential things.

  3. SAVE UP– Open a savings account or put money aside whenever you can, you never know when it might come in handy for an unexpected bill.

  4. CLEANING– stay on top of cleaning as much as you can. Make yourself a schedule if you have to.

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