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Bad day turn around

There is nothing worse than having a bad day. Everything feels like it is going wrong and sometimes you question your life completely. What am I doing? What went wrong? Is this even the right thing for me? All these questions buzzing around in your head and all you want to do is go home and hide under the duvet. Trust me, I have been there. Admittedly quite a few times recently.  I have given in and shut myself away from the world and making myself feel worse rather than making myself feel better.

How can we turn around days like this though? When all seems lost there is always light in the dark. Below are just something I like to do to try and pick myself up after a bad day…

  1. Put on music- When I have a bad day my feel better song its ‘Gives you Hell’ by The All-American Rejects. I feel better after blasting this tune out. Get on a song that you feel empowered by, a song that gives you that stress release or that confidence boost. You will be surprised at how much better it can make you feel.

  2. Drink your favourite drink- NO, I don’t mean alcohol. Alcohol will not make you feel better. I mean Tea, hot chocolate, milkshake. That drink you crave after a hard day. During the day for me, nothing beats a good mug of tea.

  3. Comfort food- What is that one dish that you cannot resist? That one dish that makes you feel good after having it? For me, I cannot resist a slow-cooked chicken casserole. I can be having what feels like the worst day ever but having this dish makes all the bad fade away.  Find your comfort food and get comfy.

  4. Youtube videos- Have you ever wondered why cats are such jerks? Youtube has plenty of videos to show how they are jerks and they are hilarious. Go to Youtube and find some videos of animals being silly.  Or just funny videos, something to turn the frown upside down as they say!

  5. Relax!- When you are having a bad day, your body gets all tensed up and stressed out. Take some time for yourself, go have a soak in the bath or a warm shower and find your favourite comfy clothes and relax.

  6. List- This may seem like a challenge when you are having a bad day but write down 3 good things that have happened in the past week.

  7. Walk- Go out and get a breath of fresh air. Nothing works wonders like some fresh air to help clear a cluttered mind.

  8. Nap- If all else fails, take a nap. Nap’s aren’t just for kids. Even a 15-minute nap can help melt away the stress or bad feelings you have. Nothing beats a good nap.

  9. Technology turn off- Technology is everywhere now. It has advanced so much within the past 10 years. Turn off technology for a while, even if its just an hour. Take the time to reconnect with yourself.

  10. Tv – Ok I know I just said turn off the technology but if you feel you cant do that, watch some TV. A favourite show, a movie that’s on just distract yourself from your bad day.

Not all of these will work for everyone, you just gotta find what is right for you. Take the time out to look after yourself in the process though. Turn that bad day into a relaxing evening/night.

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