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A poem of self love

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So when I have some free time I like to do a quick writing prompt I find on Pinterest...this evening i found one that said... 'Write a poem that celebrates what you love about yourself' . The poem below doesn't exactly fit that describe as such, BUT its pretty close... Enjoy!

Many years I have spent putting myself down

Making myself unhappy with a big frown.

I used to look in the mirror only to see,

The ugly girl staring back at me.

But now my thoughts are changing for good

I’m starting to tell myself the things I should.

Instead of tearing myself down

I’m shining my own crown.

I am beautiful in my own way

And I deserve to smile each day

I’m a good mother to my son

And all the battles faced, I have won.

I’m worthy of a true love, I deserve it too

I have to stop making myself feel so blue.

I am smart I don’t need degrees to prove that in anyway

I have to stop the negative thoughts, keeping them at bay.

I’m not perfect by any means, I’m only human you know

I love my eyes; the sparkle and it shows.

My hair is a mess, but honestly who cares?

I am brave too, I’m proud of who I am

Now I know and tell myself that ‘I can’.

I am a hopeless romantic I love the soppy stuff

But I’m not interested in guys who say they are ‘buff’.

I always do my best, that’s all anyone can do,

I tell these words to myself and so should you.

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