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A letter to my younger self

If you could write a letter to your younger self, what would you say? Would you spill the beans on what is going to  happen? Would you change anything? Would you ask your younger self to do something?

Me? Well I would write…

Dear younger me

Where do I even begin?! It is May 2017, life has changed so much. I can’t give you all the details (that would be telling!) Next month you will be turning 23, I have planned to go on holiday (yay) I cannot wait to go for a much needed break. You are still living at home and yes you and stepdad still don’t get on with each other…Sorry!

Firstly let me say this so far we are doing great. We have gone through a lot of stuff and it has changed us in many ways, mainly making us stronger as a person. You will go through some tough times and will have to make some hard decisions, but stick to what you feel is best for you. You will also make some stupid decisions but that’s okay because you won’t learn unless you make mistake. You will hate me for this but I’m not going to tell you all the bad things that will happen, I believe in the whole step on a butterfly and change the timeline and if you don’t go through these things you won’t learn the lessons you have.

Secondly even though you will go through these hard times you will also have good times and do some pretty amazing things, things that you would never ever dream or think of doing. These things also change you, not just to be stronger but also will make you more confident, it will make you feel like you’re ready to take on the world. It has been a long road up till now but I am glad I went through it.

Thirdly if I could give you any advice it would be to keep going and don’t give up. Don’t ever doubt yourself or give up on your dreams because they are closer than you think. You can do it and I am doing it now. If I could ask one thing from you it would be to save more ££. This may sound strange but being an adult is expensive, surprisingly expensive. Expect a huge change to your life in March 2016, enjoy dairy while you can… opps spoilers!!

Lastly you will one day find a great guy. He will be smart, funny, unbelievably caring and amazing. Sure from time to time you guys will fight now and then but no couple is perfect. He is the most amazing guy ever though, you will care for him deeply.  I’m not going to lie it is going to get tough kid, but in the long run you will come out just fine. You can do it so keep going and do not give up or give in, Stay true to you.

Love from future you x x x x

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