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5 great poems

Its National Poetry day!! As a poetry writer myself I have decided to share with you, my readers my top 5 poems which I think are great! There are many great poems and writer’s, so its very hard to pick but I will try…

The Raven- Edgar Allen Poe 

‘Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary…’  This poem is fantastic. Its filled with different imagery, the rhyming is used perfectly and the emphasis of the ‘o’ sound throughout i.e, ‘Lenore, Nevermore’. The settings gives an uneasy feeling through out making it errie. I could go on forever more… This has to be my top favourite poem.

Sonnet 18- William Shakespeare

‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?…’  This 14 line sonnet is a very descriptive poem.  The poet seems to reflect on such beauty to that of reflecting on a summer’s day. The personified use of the nature elements work brilliantly, as summer is the season of everything being grown and bright as is love in its early stages.

The Tollund Man- Seamus Heaney 

I first read this piece in university, I found it very moving. The poem gives detailed physical description of how the man was found and how he lays now right down to the contents of his stomach. Without even seeing the image of the ‘Tollund Man’ many readers can already picture in their minds how he looks. Heaney gives such empathy for this man of sacrifice.

‘Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey…’ – William Wordsworth 

I have been to Tintern abbey many times, it’s such a lovely place. The description Wordsworth depicts is spot on and you can picture it so well. The use of imagery is lovely. The poet himself holds someone memories of the place himself and he recalls on them which is great to see as its a comparison of two different times but the same place.

Marged- Gillian Clarke

Another Sonnet! The poem shares a contrast to the woman ‘Marged’ being alone and penniless to the poet who has lights, warm and a dog for companionship. Clarke draws on own experience, evoking everyday domestic situations. It has interesting images which readers can visualize. I enjoyed this poem because of the use of contrast and how descriptive it is, the comparison of different times.

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