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10 ways to be eco-friendly

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Its everywhere we look these days. the environment is in a crisis and we need to do more. The ice caps are melting at an alarming rate and there is not much being done about it. Air pollution is constantly rising and damaging our Ozone layer.

Nearly everyday I see more shocking images about the damage that is happening to the environment at the hands of the human race and yes, me included there is more we can do to stop this happening. I saw a documentary a few months ago that even just from the trailer hit home a lot. It was called Trashed (2012) and just from the trailer one line that screamed out to me was 'Does anyone know what happens to it all?'

These heart wrenching images just from the trailer really call to me and have made me want to change the way I live, to tackle an ever growing issue.

How can you be eco friendly?

1) Plastic bags- Don't use plastic bags, get reusable ones. Plastic bags are reported to take a shocking 500 years to decompose.

2) Get a compost bin- Buy a compost bin and let any food waste or garden waste break down to create new soil for you to plant a new garden for you at no cost.

3) Paper- Where possible reduce the amount of paper you use. The increasing demand for paper means more forests are being ripped down which is endangering wildlife species such as orangutans.

4) Cut back on water waste- Fix that leaky tap and ditch the bottled water. Take shorter shower, by making small changes such as these you can save yourself some money and help the environment.

5)-Electric- Save yourself some more money and cut back on the electric. By this I don't mean go back to the dark ages but if you aren't using something that is plugged in, turn off the plug and unplug it. Don't leave on lights unless you need them. If you go into the living room from the kitchen for example to watch tv, make sure the light is off.

6) Plastic waste-

Majority of plastic ends up in the ocean and kill the wildlife there. Ditch the cling film and plastic bags (use foil instead) or reusable tupperware. If you get coffee/tea on your way to work invest in a reusable travel mug.

7) Drying clothes- If possible (weather dependent) let clothes dry naturally outside instead of using the tumble dryer. It eats your electric and shrinks your clothes. If the weather isn't great use a clothes airer.

8) Heating- Save yourself some more cash and resist turning on the heating. Put on an extra layer or two, insulate your home, Wear thick socks or slippers, In the evenings shut the curtains to stop any drafts.

Get a draft excluder for the door, get an extra blanket for your bed, use a throw for the sofa. Get a rug for the bare floor,Get a wheat bag (microwavable heat pads) to keep yourself warm.

9) Recycle- There are many things that can be reused. Don't just throw them away, recycle them! Check your local council or authority to see what can be recycled and where it can be recycled too.

10) Encourage others- Now you have become more environmentally friendly, encourage others to do the same! Show them how the can be more kind to the environment too.

These are just some of many tips of how to be more friendly to the environment, I hope to do a future post that adds onto these points and update you all on how my journey to be more eco friendly is going!

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