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10 mom lessons

10 things I've learnt since becoming a mom...

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Hi to all you lovely readers! I hope you're all keeping well! Today's late post I thought I'd share with you guys some things ive learnt while being a mom so far, inevitably I will learn many more !

1)Laundry- there will ALWAYS be laundry ! No matter how much you do there is always some laundry hiding somewhere!

2) Songs- nursery rhymes and kids songs will become super repetitive BUT will be a life saver too!

My son's favourite is 10 little dinosaur babies ... I've listen to it 100 times over but it gets him to sit still while I change him!

3)Dinner- It becomes difficult to cook a decent meal. I dont know if this is just me or other moms too but I've been finding it super hard to cook healthy or even full meals.. my options have become limited..

4) Smiles- seeing your kid smile even when your super tired or fed up is the best thing ever. Truly like the phase 'butter wouldn't melt ' but I cant help but smile too..

5) 1st word- Their first word is the most precious thing ever! I was expecting my son's first word to be dada but instead he surprised us all and said mumma . I nearly cried, it was amazing and a huge surprise too!

6) Growing so fast- and I dont mean growing up! Some babies grow slow and stay in 1 size for a long time...not my kid! My son kept growing out of a size within 8 weeks! Hes only 7 n half months but in size 12-18 months! I've spent a fortune on clothes , I'm praying that he will stay in this size a bit longer!

7) Pictures - I'd rather delete all the apps on my phone rather than delete a single picture of my boy. I could have 100 sleepy pics of him, I'd still delete my apps anytime!

8) buying- we will happily buy them a cute t shirt or outfit of any price but then a £10 top for yourself is way too much!

9) Feeding Time- It feels like its constantly food time and you feed them nearly every hour ! My boy loves his food.

10) Cuddle time - They say dont cuddle your child too much cuz it spoils them or makes them clingy...I can see this BUT as they grow up they wont want to cuddle up to you anymore , enjoy them while they want to cuddle!

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