Who and What is Tips Chick?

When I'm not coming up with Tips and Ideas for my readers, I am a stay at home momma bear to a beautiful boy named Theo <3. 


I am passionate, and enthusastic  about blogging & writing. I spend much of my free time writing done ideas for future posts or creative pieces.

I have been running my own blog sites since 2012. 


In 2016 i graduated with an BA in English and Creative Writing. I was the first in my family to do this and then go on to a Masters in Journalism, Media and Communications. i graduated this MA this year (2020). 

Since finishing my MA i've been a stay at home mother to my son and doing some freelance writing when i have the chance. In the future i hope to make a career out of this passion. 

I created this blog in 2018, I aim to fill it with lifestyle tips and ideas to help my readers. 


What is Tips Chick's Belief?

This blog is based mainly on lifestyle tips and ideas.

*It is my own personal belief to help others as much as I can.

*To share tips and ideas to inspire others.

*Its in the name! Sharing tips I have learnt through my own expereince...

What is Tips Chick's Mission?

My blog mission is to create engaging posts that inspire others to make a change for the better. Whether that is a simple small change in their daily life to a bigger change for the better. I hope my posts and tips help others in a positive light, to go on to insipire change or to help others, becuase the world needs more positivity. 



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